Statement of Service for the Delivery of Information, Advice and Guidance to Adults

Our Vision

To create a high quality and impartial Information, Advice and Guidance service which is equally accessible to all our adult service users and Target Groups

Our Aims are:

  • To help clients make informed decisions about their learning and training
  • To provide access to appropriate support to enable clients to identify and pursue their own personal development plans
  • To promote equality of opportunity in everything we do

What we offer:

  • Confidential one to one interviews with IAG practitioners
  • Support to draw up your personal plan of action
  • Impartial information, Advice and Guidance about local educational and training opportunities
  • Information and advice about the cost of educational programmes and the range of grants and support available to help with these costs.
  • Referral to services that can help with CV’s and job search
  • Access to Local labour Market information
  • Information about advice and support offered by other agencies

Limitation of Service:

We will supply you with information on careers and the relevant training only, we do not conduct psychometric assessments, or supply advice and guidance on benefits, or any other issues.

Who Can Access the Service?

We offer our Information, Advice and Guidance Service to all adults who wish access educational opportunities, regardless of age, race disability, gender and social background.

How to Access Levenshulme Inspire’s Information, Advice and Guidance service

To see an IAG Worker all you need to do is book an appointment at the Inspire Reception in person or by phoning on 0161 850 5717

An answer phone service is available when the centre is closed.  We will respond to all messages within 2 working days.

Opening Times

We currently offer appointments between 09:00 and 12:00 each Tuesday.

Let Us Know What You Think.

We welcome your comments so that we can make our service better. If you would like to feedback or comment on any aspect of our service, whether it’s good or bad, please ask the Advice Worker for a ‘Client Feedback’ Form. It is our policy to protect client anonymity in feedback, in order to ensure clients feel able and relaxed about providing us with their honest views of quality of our IAG services. 

Making a Complaint

If you are not happy with the service you received and wish to make a complaint please contact or write to:

Bethan Galliers
IAG Co-ordinator
Levenshulme Inspire
Stockport Road
Manchester, M19 3AR