Take A Seat Levenshulme – the launch!

Take A Seat Levenshulme – the launch!

We had a blast at the Take A Seat Levenshulme official launch. It turned into quite the shindig! We were bowled over by the number of guests who came to celebrate, including local councillors, representatives from local housing associations, community organisations, Age Friendly Manchester, Greater Manchester Police, the NHS and Manchester University and more, as well as local businesses and residents. We had people of all ages and it felt like a real community celebration. Word seems to be spreading and we’re really pleased that so many people see the value of the Take A Seat campaign and want to be involved.

To help everyone get in the party mood, guests were greeted by members of the Task force and presented with a Hawaiian lei to wear. Our Take A Seat Levenshulme map was proudly on display alongside poster versions of Linda’s fabulous Take A Seat poems. One person that couldn’t be with us due to unforeseen circumstances was the Lord Mayor but Ed Cox heroically stood in and opened up proceedings. Janet from the Task Force then gave a speech whilst modelling (sitting in!) our very special Take A Seat throne followed by a few words from Gorton South (but soon to be Levenshulme) Councillor Bernard Stone.

People then mingled whilst enjoying the delicious buffet lunch laid on by the Inspire Cafe. We had a rather special cake too – baked by the cafe and decorated by our very own Geraldine. Lots of people took the opportunity to be photographed as the King or Queen on the ‘throne’ and seemed to enjoy dressing up – we even had crowns! We’ve been sharing lots of these pictures on our Twitter account but we’ve posted a few here to give you a flavour of the day. Everyone who came told us how much fun they’d had which just goes to show, you’re never too old to play!

Huge thanks to everybody who came to the launch event and to everyone who has supported, and continues to support the campaign – we’re just getting started! We’re still adding more local businesses to our Take A Seat Levenshulme map – if you’d like to get involved, get in touch!

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