Take A Seat launches in Levenshulme!

Take A Seat launches in Levenshulme!

Helping shops, businesses and community spaces to become age friendly.




Official Launch

The Inspired Task Force are excited to officially launch Take A Seat ~ Levenshulme on Monday 19th February, 1pm at Levenshulme Inspire. As well as showcasing all the local businesses taking part so far, we will be unveiling our very own Take A Seat ‘throne’ and encouraging guests to enjoy a moment or two as the King or Queen. The Task Force will be joined by several special guests including the Lord Mayor. Please RSVP if you would like to attend. (Click the image on the left to see a bigger version.)


What is the Take A Seat campaign?

The ‘Take A Seat’ campaign aims to raise awareness about how older people may struggle to get out and about because there is not enough seating available for them in shops and other public organisations.

Take a Seat encourages shops and businesses to have a seat available in case an older person needs to catch their breath and rest.

Older people know that if they see a ‘We are Age Friendly’ sticker displayed in a shop window they will be given a warm welcome and offered a chair if needed.


Participating venues in Levenshulme:

  1. Levenshulme Inspire
  2. North Levenshulme Post Office
  3. PAD4U
  4. Arcadia
  5. Thairish
  6. Fred’s
  7. G-Fones
  8. Paddy Power
  9. Iceland
  10. William Hill
  11. Moss and Maple
  12. Tesco
  13. Trove
  14. South Levenshulme Post Office
  15. Shine


Why do we need Age Friendly communities?

Older people may find it more difficult to move around their neighbourhood to access local amenities and services. This could be due to lack of transport, poor quality pavements, or problems with memory, or vision. Left unresolved these barriers could lead to older people feeling isolated and lonely.

An age friendly community should provide a good quality of life for all residents, regardless of age. This includes well-lit streets, access to social activities and accessible retail areas, shops, businesses and community spaces. Supporting older people to stay independent is an important part of being an age friendly neighbourhood. However, a lack of facilities at local shops may make it difficult for older people to shop locally.

How it Works

Participating outlets are given a guide about how to make their premises more age friendly.

They are invited to display the Age Friendly ‘flower’ logo on their window.

If you see the logo you will know there is a chair available inside, so that you can sit and rest. You may be offered a glass of water and, if accessible, be allowed to use the toilet facilities.

How can I get involved?

The campaign aims to raise awareness of how a few simple steps can make you ‘Age Friendly’ and how you can genuinely support older people to access and use your facilities. Displaying the ‘We are Age Friendly’ window sticker in a prominent place enables you to be identified as a participating partner. We can also supply a chair if needed.

How can I make my shop/business/premises more age friendly?

You can find more information in these leaflets:
Take A Seat Age Friendly Spec
Take A Seat Guidelines_A3


Who are the Inspired Task Force?

The Inspired Task Force are an active group of older people based at Levenshulme Inspire, campaigning to make the local area an age friendly community. You may have come across them in 2016 when their ‘Graffiti Grannies’ campaign took the world by storm, gaining national and international media attention. It also won them the Spirit of Manchester 2016 Award for most successful campaign / innovative project. They have since rolled out a successful ‘Caught Short’ campaign in response to a lack of public facilities on Levenshulme’s high street. Following the Take A Seat campaign for Levenshulme, their next project is to roll out Awareness Training for taxi drivers, which they have been developing in response to feedback from local older people about transport and mobility.

For more information, please contact:

Lou Armer – Task Force Organiser
Email: lou.armer@lev-inspire.org.uk
Phone: 0161 850 4044
You can also follow the Inspired Task Force on Twitter.


“I am more likely to visit the local shops now. It is good to know there is somewhere for me to rest and find staff that are willing to help.”


Take A Seat Levenshulme, brought to you by the Inspired Task Force.

Supported by Southway Housing, Great Places, One Manchester, Greater Manchester Housing Providers and Age Friendly Manchester.

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