Our statement regarding COVID-19/Coronavirus:

Our statement regarding COVID-19/Coronavirus:

The Inspire Centre during the Coronavirus crisis

We are aware that there is a lot of uncertainty and concern about the Coronavirus (Covid 19) and how this affects us all, especially after yesterday’s announcements about social distancing.

Community hubs can be vital sources of support and community organising during times of crisis and so Inspire Cafe and Community Centre is still open and we are taking sensible precautions to keep all our centre users safe and following the advice from NHS England and the Department of Health and Social Care.

There are information posters around the building about what Coronavirus is and how it can spread. There is also an information screen with information on other languages.

On arrival at the centre, we are encouraging everyone to wash their hands thoroughly and to use hand sanitising gel when it is available. All staff and volunteers have also been advised to increase hand washing and we are taking extra measures concerning food hygiene and preparation in the café kitchen.

We have also increased the amount of cleaning we do to include all surfaces, tables, chairs, door handles, desks, telephones, laptops etc with anti-bac spray or wipes and this is being done at regular intervals.

However, in order to protect one another, we would ask that if you are unwell, or any member of your household is unwell, please do not come to the centre. If we see anyone obviously unwell we will ask them to leave.

Following the latest government advice, if one person in any household has either of the symptoms, below:
a fever / high temperature (37.8 Celsius or above)
a persistent cough
everyone living in the household must stay at home for 14 days. Public Health England continue to direct concerns to the NHS 111 website and advise only using the NHS 111 phone line if symptoms deteriorate, if you feel unable to manage and cope at home or if symptoms do not improve after 14 days.

Many of the regular classes have decided to cancel their activities so if you are planning to attend a class or activity, it may be wise to phone ahead or message us on Facebook to check if things are still going ahead.

We have suspended our groups for the over 50’s (Inspired Peoples Project – Happy Mondays, Exercise and Eat, Taskforce meetings and Discussion Circle, Computer Buddies) until further notice as older people are more vulnerable to becoming very unwell.

However, we are taking steps to provide support to older people who are now staying at home and we are keen that the Inspire Centre should be a local hub for people organising help and support during this crisis.

Levenshulme Inspire and Levenshulme Good Neighbours are joining forces with other local community groups, including the Levy Corona Helpers network, to ensure that any vulnerable/older people who remain at home receive support and assistance during this time. For more information on how to get involved please contact Kate 0161 850 4044.

This is a difficult time for us all but we believe it is vitally important to try to maintain safe spaces in which we can meet and organise as a community, not least to provide support for the most vulnerable. We will keep our doors open for these purposes for as long as we can, but we ask for your consideration, co-operation and support as we try to do this. If you feel you can offer practical or financial support during this difficult time then please contact Centre Manager, Roxanna Locke on Roxanna.locke@lev-inspire.org.uk.


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