Levenshulme Action Group Litter Campaign Day of Action

Levenshulme Action Group Litter Campaign Day of Action

Saturday 14th October


Door knocking and litter picking

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED of all different languages

Talking to residents about waste disposal and handing out leaflets. [Feel free to call you neighbours and go and pick litter on your own street!]


Levenshulme Women’s Group

Waste Free Picnic at Inspire

Please bring a picnic using nothing that needs throwing away at the end…reusable containers, cups and drink bottles, cloth napkins etc. No plastic or paper packaging, and bins will certainly not be provided!! There will be some special finger food to sample from around the world.

Rubbish Photo Wall

Anybody can send photo’s of the rubbish in their streets and back alleys for our ‘It wouldn’t happen in Chorlton!’ Rubbish photo wall. Send to info@lev-inspire.org.uk .

Come along to the picnic…think carefully about how you will pack it…meet new people…perhaps even bring a bit of food to share…have a great time!

[NB. The Council will be going around the businesses on Stockport Road on Friday 13th talking about compliance issues]

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