Age Friendly Awareness Training for Taxi Drivers

Age Friendly Awareness Training for Taxi Drivers

Hello and welcome to Age Friendly Awareness Training for Taxi Drivers.

We’re glad to see you as it shows you care about your customers and giving good service! Not all customers are alike, and some may need a little extra help, even if it isn’t always obvious.

We’ve put together this training in response to feedback from older people that we work with here at Levenshulme Inspire. Age Friendly Manchester commissioned the training in response to feedback from older people about transport across Greater Manchester. As people get older, mobility and transport can become quite big issues in them maintaining their independence and combatting social isolation.

A lot of the training is common sense. However, the feedback we get from older people shows that it never hurts to have a friendly reminder of what good service means to people with varying needs. Mostly, it’s just about being polite and amenable. We know that being a taxi driver isn’t always an easy job and that sometimes customers can be difficult. As part of our consultations with older people, we’ve also done some work with them around being a good customer so please don’t think this is all one-sided – we want everyone to be happy!

Before starting the training, please try to put yourself into the shoes of an older person. If you find this difficult, it may help you to think of an elderly relative of your own – your mum, dad, grandparent, etc – and think about how you would like them to be treated in these situations.

If you’re ready to start the training,  continue below or to open the training in a new window, please click here. Your certificate will be emailed to you upon completion.

If you have any feedback or would like further information, please contact Lou Armer, Taskforce Organiser via