Inspire is a social enterprise and most of its activity and income is generated through people paying for its services – this gives us autonomy and focuses our efforts on quality and value. But the Inspire Foundation has been established to raise money to pay for activities where it is very difficult or inappropriate for its beneficiaries to pay.

How we use your donations

You can read more about the Inspire Foundation by visiting our About Us page but some of the priorities for fund-raising at the moment include:

a) Suspended room hire for key groups

This is a small fund that can be used by Inspire’s frontline staff to support community groups to pay for room hire in setting up new groups and activities. Working in a similar way to ‘suspended coffees’ other more wealthy building users will also be encouraged to pay a little extra to keep the fund topped up. In the immediate future it will be used to subsidise ESOL courses which are incredibly popular but where there is currently insufficient funding to pay for regular room usage.

b) The development of a Levenshulme inclusion charter

We will work with local businesses and other service providers to develop a ‘charter’ which promotes inclusion in Levenshulme. The charter itself will set out not only principles and values but also a series of practical commitments and ‘actions’ that will make Levenshulme a more inclusive neighbourhood, for example, ideas like the ‘Caught Short’ campaign pioneered by the Inspired People Project in 2016. Developing the charter will be an important way to consult and engage with people in Levenshulme about what some of the main inclusion challenges might be.

c) Consultation for further development of the centre

The Inspire Board of Directors has committed to exploring the way in which we use the Inspire building – and possibly some of our staff and volunteer time – to becoming a ‘Centre for Inclusion and Empowerment’. We want to commit dedicated staff time to exploring this idea with other local stakeholders, including the council, and then developing a simple business plan outlining our ideas and plans for the future, including how such a centre might be resourced.

Volunteering opportunities at Inspire

Some of the activities at Inspire require support from volunteers. Our volunteers come in all shapes and sizes. Our oldest volunteer is over 80!

Our volunteers have gone on to paid employment elsewhere. Some of them are even paid to work here!

Why do people volunteer? Here are some of the reasons

  • To get out of the house and make new friends
  • To increase confidence
  • To try something new
  • To improve their English
  • To get experience in order to apply for paid work

What opportunities are there for volunteers?

  • Helping in the Inspire café
  • Helping on the reception/admin
  • Helping with activities for older people
  • Helping to pack The Bread and Butter food bags

Full training and support will be given.

To apply please pick up an application form at reception or contact us here.

Did you know?

89 older people have taken on roles as volunteers and advocates through the Inspired People Project.

Did you know?

According to the HACT Social Value Bank, our volunteering activity has a financial value estimated to be worth £104,000.