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Inspire Forum

Inspire Forum

What is the Forum?

Levenshulme Inspire Forum offers everyone a unique opportunity to have a say in shaping the Inspire Centre. Inspire Forum is fully owned and democratically run by its shareholders on a one member one vote basis.

Inspire Forum works with its members to develop ideas into programmes of activities which can be delivered from the Inspire Centre. It helps to shape and develop Centre activities and acts as a group for discussion and debate to find pratical solutions to some of our shared local concerns. It invites representatives from the Council, police and other public services to hear members’ views and ideas on local issues.

Be a Part of This – Become a Member
We encourage membership by anyone who supports our aims to make Levenshulme Inspire a valuable resource for the community.

The more members we have, the more we can gain funding and support for activities that benefit our community, and the more the Centre can reflect members’ priorities.

To find out more about Shareholders and Membership click HERE