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How to get involved

At Levenshulme Inspire you can be involved in various ways.

Attending or teaching a class

At Inspire we have a great many activities and classes happening on a day to day basis and you can be a part of it. We have events ranging from ESOL classes to Belly dancing classes! (Click HERE for an up-to-date version of our programme “What’s On”)
We are always looking for new and exciting activities at Inspire, and invite you to give them a go with us! Whether you know how to move or how to paint a master-piece you can have your very own class at Inspire, if you are interested in setting up an event of your own at Inspire or you wish to know more about what we have going on here, please call us on 0161 850 5717.

Alternatively you can email usĀ at [email protected]

Inspire Forum & The Community Share Issue

Levenshulme Inspire Forum offers everyone a unique opportunity to have a say in shaping the Inspire Centre. Inspire Forum is fully owned and democratically run by its shareholders on a one member one vote basis.

For more information click HERE