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Levenshulme Inspire Awards 2013, Celebrating your community and your local heroes

Great people of Levenshulme and South Gorton have nominated for who they think have made an outstanding contribution to our local community. From Volunteering to Inspiration, Carer to Enterprise, the Awards night will celebrate it all!We will also be celebrating YOU the most important part of Levenshulme helping to make it the vibrant and wonderful place it is to live.

Levenshulme Inspire would like to invite you all to celebrate with us and to show our thanks and support to all the amazing work that our local heroes have done.

Cost is £2 entrance and a fantastic chilli will be served from the wonderful Inspire Café for only £3! Beverages will also be available from the café. Saturday 7th December from 7pm

For additional information please contact Inspire on 0161 850 5717 or email us at[email protected]

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